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Our Mission

The mission of Camp SMILE is to empower children and adults with disabilities to live their lives without limits by providing an inclusive summer camp experience where there is no limit to the adventure.

Camp History

Camp SMILE was founded in June of 1972 by Reverend Glenn L. Vernon and his wife, Sylvia. This first camping session, hosted by The Mobile Association for Retarded Citizens, was four days and three nights and served 27 campers. 

In June of 1991, United Cerebral Palsy of Mobile joined forces with Reverend Vernon and MARC to expand the program. Beginning that year, UCP began providing two weeks of summer camp specifically for children with disabilities and their siblings. This camp was known as Camp Adventure.

In 2004, the two camps officially combined under the direction of United Cerebral Palsy and are now called United Cerebral Palsy’s Camp SMILE.

Now, Camp SMILE holds four 5-day, 4-night sessions and serves over 300 campers with and without disabilities. Camp SMILE also holds a Respite Weekend in the Fall and a Family Weekend in the Spring.

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