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Every Spring, in pairs of two, walkers take off from Mobile and head for New Orleans. Each team walks a segment of the 137 mile trip while raising money from sponsors and one time donations.

This year's event will begin on Saturday, March 30th and end on Wednesday, April 3rd. Visit back often to check out our teams! Please contact Molly if you are interested in participating in the walk.

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In 2016, we came up with an idea to raise money to send kids to Camp SMILE who are in need of financial assistance. We called it “Miles for Smiles.”  Lilia Melikechi and Jake Alvarez walked 137 miles from Mobile, Alabama to New Orleans, Louisiana in only 5 days. We set a goal of $1,500, or enough to donate 5 camperships to deserving families. The response was incredible. In just over 3 weeks, we raised almost $10,000! The outpouring of support was so amazing that we promised to do it again.  

Two years ago, we walked back from New Orleans to Mobile. It was our first time asking for teams of volunteers to walk with us and the reply was great! We set a new record of almost $15,000 raised. Lat year, we walked back to New Orleans and we're asking for more people that are willing to get out there and help us make a difference one mile at a time!



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Theresa and Matrisza:

Read about (and donate to) this dedicated team here!

Ann and Ashley:

Read about (and donate to) this dynamic duo here!

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Savannah and Cortney:

Read about (and donate to) this team, who are reuniting for the walk this year, here!

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Tanner and Molly:

Read about (and donate to) this terrific twosome here!


Nick and Lauren:

Read about (and donate to) this Camp SMILE family here!


Jana, Mallory, and Sam:

Read about (and donate to) this terrific trio here!


Read about (and donate to) Miles for SMILEs' founder and most seasoned walker, here!


Glenn and Lauren:

Read about (and donate to) this UCP strong team here!


Olivia and Emily:

Read about (and donate to) these long time Camp SMILE counselors here!


Bryant and Allison:

Read about (and donate to) these two long time camp volunteers!

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